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Auction vs. Retail: Adapting to Inventory Challenges in 2021

Curious about whether to send a trade-in to auction or keep it on the lot? Discover how your dealership can maximize its current pre-owned inventory and develop a robust homegrown inventory.

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To auction or retail, that is the question. And it’s a question that’s becoming harder for some dealers to answer amid both consistently strong wholesale used vehicle auction prices and growing retail transaction prices. Faced with still reduced inventories and future uncertainties, deciding to send a trade-in to auction or keep it on the lot is a question that isn’t just common, but one critical to a dealer’s bottom lines – and worthy of a data-driven, analytical response. 
By asking which vehicles should stay and which should go with even more scrutiny, dealerships are empowered to:
  1. Maximize their current pre-owned inventory
  2. Develop a robust homegrown inventory
  3. Promote loyalty and drive future sales
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