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ZIMBRICK BMW OUTPACES REGIONAL BRAND GROWTH WITH MASTERMIND'S CONQUEST SOLUTION Andy LaBerge General Manager Zimbrick BMW PREDICT SMARTER.™ automotiveMastermind One Park Avenue 14th Floor, New York, NY 10016 888•892•3979 SUMMARY Zimbrick BMW has always found conquest marketing a challenge: the cost is high and the returns are low, but it is a necessary tactic because that incremental audience is critical for dealership growth. Based on the success that General Manager Andy LaBerge has seen with automotiveMastermind (Mastermind) in their retention marketing, he was hopeful that he'd find success with Mastermind's conquest solution as well. THE CHALLENGE With other conquest marketing options producing spotty results at best, Zimbrick BMW was looking for a measurable and provably effective conquest marketing solution to help win incremental new business beyond the dealership's existing portfolio. THE SOLUTION By successfully starting a conversation with the right consumer, Mastermind provides an easy and intuitive platform for a dealership's sales team to connect with qualified leads and convert them into sales. Through the combination of good leads and even better customer tracking, the sales team knew not only which prospects to reach out to, but what messaging that lead already received and how to proceed with the conversation based on their taken actions. MORE GROWTH THAN BMW REGIONAL PERFORMANCE With the relationship and success we've had with Mastermind's loyalty and retention solution, we knew we'd want to try their conquest solution as well. I see customers coming in through conquest efforts that haven't been in my store before. Our numbers are up over 10x more than regional brand performance - we know Mastermind's conquest solution is a part of that. Andy LaBerge General Manager, Zimbrick BMW " THE RESULT By allowing the conquest nurturing cycle to run its course, Zimbrick BMW sold 33 conquest vehicles during the four month pilot sales period at an average cost to acquire of $286.

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