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PREDICT SMARTER. ™ BMW DEALER MEETS THE ULTIMATE SALES-DRIVING MACHINE SUMMARY: In the first 15 months of its partnership with automotiveMastermind (aM), BMW of San Francisco has greatly benefited from its innovative solutions, including predictive behavior technology and micro-targeted consumer offers and incentives. ABOUT BMW OF SAN FRANCISCO: BMW of San Francisco has grown from humble beginnings to one of the most successful dealerships in the US. This was accomplished through consistently smart marketing that leverages new and effective sales and marketing tools, like automotiveMastermind. THE CHALLENGE: It is challenging for any business that's been operating for over 40 years to change with the times while staying true to its core values. For BMW of San Francisco, that means maintaining highly personalized experiences for its customers – one of the keys to driving sales and building retention. THE SOLUTION: Just as advanced German engineering has produced generations of distinctive BMW automobiles, automotiveMastermind has given BMW of San Francisco innovative technology that leverages consumer data to help them better understand the behaviors that will drive more customers to buy new cars. This in-depth insight is used to enhance the shopper marketing experience. BMW of San Francisco is enthusiastic about proprietary predictive behavior analytics that tell its sales staff when prospects are ready to buy, along with very detailed, personalized reasons why. The technology's "customer intelligence" and "real actionable offers" are easily accessible at every desktop – invaluable information supported by individualized micro-marketing communications, and tools for turning service drive customers into sales opportunities and existing customers into "customers for life." Ralph Macia, GSM, stated: "I'm very pleased with the program's personalized marketing communications. Materials that are sent out are very detailed and look very professional. Since my name is on them, customers believe they're personalized messages from me, and I've been receiving something like 25-40 responses a month. Also, many shoppers have been walking in with the direct mail offers in their hands. That definitely shows they're having an impact." automotiveMastermind One Park Avenue 14th Floor, New York, NY 10016 888•892•3979 THE RESULTS: • Sales personnel are very engaged with automotiveMastermind because they know it helps them sell more and earn higher incomes. For the dealership, it's been an incredible return on investment: spending $6,000 monthly and making $80,000 – over 13 times ROI! • BMW of San Francisco has sold an additional 15-20 automobiles per month, rising from the #3 to the #2 dealership in the region. • Its 46% retention rate is now the highest in Northern California. Also contributing is serviceMastermind – related technology from automotiveMastermind that's been capturing incremental business through the Service Drive: 5-10 new customers a month. Ralph Macia General Sales Manager BMW of San Francisco

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