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PREDICTIVE MARKETING CAMPAIGNS DRIVE SALES WITH HIGHER MARGINS • "In the last three months alone, we credit 180 automotive sales to Mastermind directly. Of that number, 143 or 79% are attributable to Predictive Marketing Campaigns, proving that the campaigns make an impact." • Crest incorporated serviceMastermind into their process, by running daily reports to identify service customers with high BPS scores. When those customers pull into the service drive, previously unsold customers are engaged with prepared, customized offers. Crest estimated that they have sold about 20% of those customers approached in the service drive immediately, along with another 10-20% within 6 months of that first touch. • The support provided by the Dealer Relations Manager (DRM) is extraordinary. "Christopher Willis, our DRM, comes to the store, hosts sessions, and makes the training and best practices applicable in the real world." • "Chris even makes calls with my team, setting appointments. Off the top of my head, over the past few months, one appointment made by Chris came in, and the deal generated an astounding 10k in gross profit." • Not only does the Mastermind DRM lead by example, his training goes far beyond product knowledge to draw upon his vast industry experience of automotive sales best practices. Austin Arledge Sales Director Crest INFINITI SUMMARY: Crest INFINITI has a proud 25-year history of sales and service, earning a place among top-notch Dallas-area dealerships. Crest used equity mining and other tools but wanted a comprehensive end-to-end solution. They settled on automotiveMastermind (Mastermind). ABOUT CREST INFINITI: Crest is committed to treating every single customer with respect and courtesy. They understand that their customers have high expectations and commit to delivering true value and unparalleled customer service, every day. THE CHALLENGE: Given Crest's commitment to excellence, they were seeking a standalone platform to provide credible, rich, actionable data. They needed one that supported their drive to keep their team accountable, that would market effectively without over-saturating clients. THE SOLUTION: Crest INFINITI's month-over-month use of Predictive Marketing Campaigns has proven highly effective, not just in generating additional unit sales but also higher margins. Every single user on their team has "customer intelligence" at their fingertips, allowing them to undertake smart, meaningful conversations that grow credibility and customer loyalty. They achieve success by a simple method: using Mastermind's proprietary behavior analytics, with its ability to know so much about customers and potential customers, to generate regularly previously unidentified business. The Behavior Prediction Score (BPS) makes them more likely to contact customers they might not think to call as soon. THE RESULT: Crest INFINITI Sales Director Austin Arledge said... PREDICT SMARTER.™ automotiveMastermind One Park Avenue 14th Floor, New York, NY 10016 888•892•3979

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