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PREDICT SMARTER. ™ LEXUS STORE SHIFTS UP TO AUTOMOTIVEMASTERMIND SUMMARY: Lexus of Towson in Maryland is a long-time subscriber to behavior prediction technology and understands its great value to their selling efforts. But the successful dealership wanted a technology partner with a more advanced platform and simpler interface that would motivate sales personnel to use it more frequently. That was their first objective towards driving more sales. The solution was automotiveMastermind. ABOUT LEXUS OF TOWSON: Lexus of Towson has been an "Elite of Lexus" dealership and the Baltimore area's #1 Volume Lexus dealer seven years in a row. THE CHALLENGE: Despite the dealership's standout performance, management knew Lexus of Towson could do better. It had been buying data services from a leading data mining firm for eight years, but because the sales staff found the technology "mediocre and clumsy," just 30% of them used it. Another factor: While producing only "modestly satisfying" results for the dealership, the provider's account team visited infrequently and, when it did, seemed to focus on upselling their contract rather than driving adoption. THE SOLUTION: Lexus of Towson attributes storewide success to game-changing enhancements provided by automotiveMastermind: • Behavior Prediction Scores® (BPS) from 0-100 based on how likely that customer is to buy today • Behavior Prediction Drivers (BPD) that enable smart, meaningful marketing communications tailored to individual prospects • A simplified interface that quickly and clearly provides the sales team with relevant information and talking points for each customer • The authority and consultative tools it gives salespeople to close deals, streamlining the selling process • serviceMastermind technology for building service revenues and winning conquest sales at the Service Drive • Above and beyond customer support - says Paul Longaker, General Sales Manager, "Our automotiveMastermind Account Manager, Dan Gaughan, is a 'rock star.' We were all impressed by his training for the program launch at our store. He continues to visit regularly, and to provide one-on-one training for new hires." automotiveMastermind One Park Avenue 14th Floor, New York, NY 10016 888•892•3979 THE RESULTS: • In April 2017, a direct mail campaign based on the platform's analysis of thousands of data points and years of customer service and market data helped Lexus of Towson close 20 deals. At a 63% close rate, it was up from the store's typical 35-40%. • The campaign drove a significant response – an increase in phone and email inquiries, plus walk-ins carrying their personalized offers. • The Open Rate for customer emails has risen to 39% (nearly twice the 27% industry average); and the Click-Through-Rate to 48% (industry CTR is a mere 3.7%). • Today, 80% of the sales staff is leveraging automotiveMastermind – a significant increase over just 30% utilization from the previous provider. • Lexus of Towson was one of two dealers in the region up in sales this past April vs April, 2016. Paul Longaker General Sales Manager Lexus of Towson

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