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Williams Toyota of Sayre Sees a 62% Sales Jump

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Jim Lister is the General Manager of Williams Toyota of Sayre in Pennsylvania. After hearing his brother, a GM at a sister-dealership, rave about his partnership with automotiveMastermind (aM) and the Mastermind platform for 8 months, Jim signed on as a dealer partner in July 2018. The partnership began to pay off quickly – and exceeded expectations. CHALLENGE Management was consistently looking for ways to make it easier for customers to get all the available information they needed so they could spend less time researching and more time driving new cars. SOLUTION Partnering with aM gave Williams Toyota of Sayre exclusive technology and tools to target customers with personalized information, so they don't have to do the research on their own. With Mastermind predictive marketing campaigns tailoring meaningful messaging to individual sales prospects, emails have scored a 45% open rate and a 70% click-to-open vs. 3.7% CTO industry average! With Mastermind, salespeople have the authority and consultative tools to close deals and streamline the selling process, which enhances the customer experience and builds loyalty. Mastermind's Service-to-Sales Solutions allow the dealership to conquest business from the majority of service customers who bought their cars elsewhere. The dealership places large signs in the service area that list hot prospects with BPS scores of 85+ and service reps who walk customers over to the assigned sales consultants receive bonuses. Support from Dealer Relations Manager Ian Grace impressed Lister. Grace visited the store 4x in the first two months to ensure that the team was up to speed and leveraging the product to its fullest. Williams Toyota of Sayre Sees a 62% Sales Jump WILLIAMS TOYOTA OF SAYRE Located in Sayre, Pennsylvania ABOUT Williams Toyota of Sayre is a member of the Williams Auto Group, which operates two dealerships in Upstate New York and four just over the border in Pennsylvania. THE RESULT The small dealership had been averaging 40 new car sales a month. In the first month, 64 saleswere attributed to Mastermind, the most ever in a single month. In month two, 59 sales. The top salesperson, who was averaging 20 cars a month, closed 32 deals with Mastermind! Lister has never seen so many customers arriving with marketing campaigns in-hand. The Mastermind dashboard is incorporated into weekly sales meetings. 100% of sales personnel are enthusiastically leveraging the technology every day for both sales sand service. They are seeing results, getting out of their comfort zones, and calling customers using talk tracks built into the Mastermind dashboard. Jim Lister General Manager at Williams Toyota of Sayre I have never seen service like this from any vendor Learn more Learn more

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