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Riverhead Toyota understands that the service drive has a steady, repeatable flow of customers everyday–even when showroom traffic is down.They partnered with automotiveMastermind (aM) to help them improve their service to sales process and begin maximizing their ROI. THE CHALLENGE Since the sales team members at Riverhead Toyota weren't working the service drive consistently, the reality of making outreach with every client that comes in for a conversion is far-fetched. They knew an effective and efficient process to sell more cars through the service drive, so they enlisted aM's proprietary sales and marketing platform, Mastermind, to market and convert their service customers. THE SOLUTION Riverhead Toyota chose to partner with aM and in return achieved market-leading retention rates. Mastermind helped to build a repeatable service to sales process that has yielded a 19% average monthly conversion ratio of clients targeted in the service drive. Through the use of behavior prediction algorithms, they were able to identify high-potential leads in their service drive and provide these customers with a targeted offer for them to convert them in to new car buyers, which also increases retention in the longrun, as well as provides Riverhead Toyota with a used car that they can sell on their lot. Toyota Dealer Archives Market Leading Retention Rates Joel Minichiello Sales Manager Riverhead Toyota "Nothing compares to Mastermind.The success we've seen in conquesting both service-not-sold customers and customers from competitive brands has exceeded any of our expectations." Lea earn n more automo automotiveMa iveMaste termi mind.

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