Why Comprehensive Data Mining is the Only Way Forward for Auto Sales

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This is why Mastermind's Market EyeQ takes insights from a dealership's equity and data mining processes, as well as their existing DMS, and combines them with data from other public and proprietary sources from partners like IHS Markit, TransUnion and Carfax, to generate a single Behavior Prediction Score® that sums up a prospect's overall quality on a 0-100 scale. Predictive Marketing After identifying, qualifying and prioritizing the best prospects, the next step is to get them engaged in the sales process. One of the most powerful use cases for comprehensive dealership data mining is in predictive marketing campaigns that get the right offers to the right prospects at the right time in the right format and with the right messaging. Mastermind's personalized marketing campaigns are a perfect example of how customer data analytics can truly change a dealership's bottom line in the real world. The average dealer marketing spend-per-car-sale with Mastermind is just $115, versus the industry average of $624. That's $500 in additional potential profit, generated by automotive data solutions that are simultaneously adding to your bottom line in other ways by improving factors such as lead quality, closure rates and overall customer satisfaction. Next-Generation CX Management Today's great data-driven business success stories aren't those that have the best data scientists, but rather the companies that have figured out how to turn the science of customer data analytics into the art of great customer experience (CX) management. It may seem counterintuitive for the impersonal mathematics of big data analytics to be the critical tool your team needs to become truly excellent at making personal human connections to your dealership's customers…but it works. Today's consumers expect you to know what they want and what they need, even when they don't. This is where comprehensive data mining can support passionate leaders and strong teams in the quest to deliver the kind of predictive and responsive CX that generates sales loyalty, fixed-ops revenues, referral conquest business and bottom-line profits. Interested in learning more about what Mastermind's marriage of modern data science with real-world auto dealer industry expertise can do for your dealership's bottom line? Contact us to set up a free demonstration. REQUEST A DEMO AT automotiveMastermind.com 800.801.0018 | info@automotiveMastermind.com ©2019 automotiveMastermind®. All rights reserved. | A business unit of IHS Markit™

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