3 Ways Mastermind Improves the Customer Car Buying Experience

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3 Ways Mastermind Improves the Car Buying Experience Start with the Right Offer, at the Right Time, to the Right Prospect Mastermind's Market EyeQ sales platform's proprietary algorithm identifies the best prospects, ranking them using our unique Behavior Prediction Score® to ensure your sales team is only working the best prospects. This eliminates a pain point and improves the car buying experience for customers and dealers alike – neither you nor they want to waste time if the fit's not right. Market EyeQ helps avoid those situations by steering you toward the best prospects and away from the wrong ones. Once you have those prospects identified, Mastermind's predictive marketing tools help you personalize your marketing, delivering individually crafted offers at the right time to the most promising prospects. This means when they arrive in the showroom, they're already engaged with a great offer in hand that shows you understand their wants and needs. Speed Up the Process One of the most common consumer complaints with the dealership customer experience is wasted time. That's especially true during the car sales customer experience, where the fun of choosing a new car is too often overshadowed by the dreary realities of paying for it. According to Cox Automotive's research into how customers engage emotionally with the car buying process, 54 percent of customers are dissatisfied with how long it takes – and that's in great part because they're spending half of their time negotiating or waiting for paperwork. Mastermind's Market EyeQ helps you speed up the process by helping you get the right offer into the prospect's hands before they ever arrive at the dealership, and by ensuring your entire team is empowered with data-driven What do your customers want from the car buying experience? What don't they want? How do you give them the best possible experience while maintaining profit margins and growing your business? We help auto dealers improve the customer sales experience by giving you the tools you need to build a personalized, unique encounter that meets customers' wants and needs. This includes how to: • Engage prospects before they walk through your dealership door • Quickly and efficiently move through the purchase process • Build a customer experience based on data 54: the percentage of customers who are dissatisfied with how long the car buying process takes.

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