36 Point Checklist If Your Dealership is Mandated to Close

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The 36-Point Checklist You Need If You Are Mandated to Close Your Dealership Doors Inventory Management Arrange for security to make sure inventory is safe • Consider hourly security checks as well as storing as much inventory as possible in the service area or the showroom to protect from vandalism, theft and weather Do a physical inventory count of all new and used vehicles and ensure that all doors are locked on each of them • If possible, retrieve any display and/or loaner vehicles back before you close Pull an Aged Warranty Receivables report to see if any vehicles are at risk of missing timeline and ask the OEM for an extended deadline if so As inventory shipments will continue to arrive, put up proper signage so the delivery driver knows where the vehicles are to be dropped off and where keys are to be placed; include directions to call the General Manager's cell phone and alert them Sales Department Close out all deals that have been delivered already in the DMS Make sure all payoffs have been made on trade-in vehicles on behalf of the customer or the dealership Ensure any DMV registrations that are being held at the dealer are mailed out prior to closing Make sure all managers have access to login to the CRM at home to monitor e-mails and internet leads to keep in touch with customers until you reopen Designate managers for certain daily tasks such as checking the dealership's voicemails, email inbox, etc. Ensure an F&I manager can remotely log into lending sites such as DealerTrack, RouteOne, OEM captives, etc. from home • Banks are still open and there will still be notes in these systems with contract issues, funding, etc. While there may not be much they can do from home, this will allow them to prioritize for when the dealership does reopen If your store is planning on having the team work remotely, create a clear action plan on what a "virtual dealership" looks like Service Department If the service drive will also be closed, make sure to turn off the compressors and quick lube within the shop to avoid an overhead oil line leak Ensure all factory and aftermarket warranty claims are submitted prior to closing Close all active customer repair orders Ensure all customer vehicle services that are complete get picked up and that the services are paid for prior to closing Any vehicle that is in the shop for a longer extensive repair, that is waiting on parts delivery, etc. should be moved to a secure location such as the service bays With the current state of the automotive industry evolving by the hour, more and more dealers find themselves in the unfortunate situation where the government is mandating the temporary closing or partial shutdown of their businesses. We put together a comprehensive checklist you should start getting familiar with now to be prepared in case you find yourself with little to no warning from your local government to have your dealership's doors close as the country battles the COVID-19 pandemic.

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