7 Tips on How to Practice Social Distancing in Your Dealership

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WE'RE HERE FOR YOU! automotiveMastermind.com 800.801.0018 | info@automotiveMastermind.com Ā©2020 automotiveMastermindĀ®. All rights reserved. | A business unit of IHS To date, social distancing is the most effective way to slow the spread of COVID-19 and to keep your employees safe. If an employee believes they have come in contact with the coronavirus, we've also put together four immediate actions to take within your dealership for guidance. For additional dealership resources surrounding COVID-19, click here. How to Practice Social Distancing in Your Dealership Limit Contact and Avoid Close Proximity Encourage your team to spend as much time at their own desks or within their own designated workspaces as possible It's crucial during this time to avoid sharing any business tools such as phones, pens, paperwork, etc. Close the break room and encourage your team to eat their lunch either at their desks, or outdoors to avoid crowding in a confined area Encourage your team to bring lunch from home if possible; If bringing lunch from home is not an option, have your employee go and pick up their lunch to avoid an array of delivery drivers entering and exiting your store frequently Convert any meetings into quick stand-ups either on the showroom floor or outside on the lot if weather permits; Again, it is crucial to avoid close contact within a confined space such as a conference room To avoid store-to-store cross selling, consider offering your employees a spiff to instead refer that customer to the other store; The goal is to avoid employees interacting with employees in a separate physical location This goes without saying, but handshakes or human to human contact both between employees as well as with their customers are not permitted As Americans and people around the world are being asked to help halt the spread of COVID-19, households are being told to practice social distancing. Your business is no different, and if your dealership is fortunate enough to remain open, it is extremely critical to adhere to social distancing recommendations to keep your employees safe and your doors open. Automotive sales is a very people-based business, so surely the thought of social distancing probably goes against everything you've ever learned about the importance of relationship building in sales trainings. However, everyone has a role to play in keeping your dealership safe and operational. We've compiled seven tips to help you implement social distancing in your dealership. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. MAINTAIN PROPER DISTANCE

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