Acquisition 101: How to Proactively Identify Auto Sales Leads

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Acquisition 101: How to Proactively Identify High- Quality Sales Leads with Low-Touch Marketing Use Quality Data Sources to Understand Early Buying Triggers Proactively identifying and engaging prospective buyers requires dealers to predict which consumers are most likely (and qualified) to purchase – and the unique factors driving their purchase decision. Simply put, you can't identify tomorrow's high-quality auto sales leads with yesterday's insights. Identifying prospective sales opportunities starts with ensuring your team is analyzing up-to-date, high-quality data sources that can help you predict what's ahead rather than simply trying to recreate the way things used to be. This is one of the many competitive advantages that Mastermind dealer partners have over their competitors. Our Market EyeQ sales platform is powered by top-tier data through partners such as IHS Markit, TransUnion, CARFAX and thousands of others, as well as a dealer's own DMS to be able to target those quality leads before they even begin their shopping journey. Dealers utilizing behavior prediction technology and marketing tools such as those offered within the Market EyeQ platform can take this approach even further by effectively automating the process of mining their local market for conquest opportunities, too. These tools allow dealers to scan their market for prospects exhibiting early buying behaviors and create personalized touchpoints to nurture leads tailored to the channel, timing, messaging and even the offer that the technology predicts will maximize their engagement to buy. Attract Prospects with the Vehicles & Buying Experience They Want People are shopping for cars. But who those people are, what they want and what they care about is changing. Coupled with new online competitors, dealers need to ensure they understand evolving consumer buying habits and create a personalized marketing journey for prospective buyers returning to market. In today's marketplace, identifying sales opportunities takes more than mining internet leads. It requires a proactive sales and marketing technique that engages quality leads with low-touch activity and high-volume returns – before they enter the sales cycle. In this whitepaper, we share best practices on how to proactively identify sales leads ahead of the competition by: • Understanding consumer buying triggers early on • Creating a personalized marketing journey for buyers • Maximizing existing connections to service and loyalty customers say they moved up their purchase timeline due to COVID-19 CARS.COM, AUG. 2020 64% of in-market shoppers

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