The 5 Step Essential Guide to Virtual Dealership Sales Events

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The 5 Step Essential Guide to Virtual Dealership Sales Events 1. Analyze Your Audience The first step to creating a successful campaign of any kind is identifying the target audience you intend to reach. While there's no one-size-fits-all approach, using advanced digital marketing solutions that integrate data from your dealership's CRM, DMS and third-party sources are powerful tools for identifying the prospects you want to attract and who would be interested in making a purchase soon. 2. Determine Your Event's Direction These advanced marketing tools also empower dealers to tailor their event to their audience. After identifying the prospective buyers you want to attract, determine the direction your virtual car sales event needs to take to maximize your success. Analyze the factors influencing your audience's purchasing decisions. Whether your audience is full of existing customers predicted to be ready to upgrade into something new or your goal is to conquest first-time buyers who may be unaware of all their purchasing options, your virtual event needs to address your audience's unique needs, which is no small task without innovating behavior prediction technologies. 3. Carve Out a Creative Concept – Together Determining the best way to position your dealership's virtual sales event – and communicate this event to your audience – should be a team effort, including both your F&I and service teams in the process. This is especially critical during virtual sales events, as your team will need to be prepared to seamlessly and efficiently hand-off customers to various departments. Hosting year-end sales events against the backdrop of COVID-19 restrictions can seem daunting, but, new opportunities to reach audiences through virtual sales experiences are still plentiful. In the past, dealerships needed to give their audience an enticing reason to visit the showroom for sales events. Today, proactive dealerships are creating virtual sales events that preemptively remove any roadblocks that would have previously kept buyers at home, pandemic or not. Create your own virtual events checklist with these 5 steps:

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