3 Ways for Dealerships to Adopt an Omnichannel Sales Strategy

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3 Ways for Dealerships to Adopt an Omnichannel Sales Strategy 1. Track the Behavior of Your Buyers More consumers are buying online than ever before, and even if buyers aren't necessarily completing their vehicle purchases online, you can almost guarantee they've used online resources during the research phase of their buying journey. Determining what exactly this early buying journey looks like is becoming increasingly complex. (One model from Google demonstrates how a single customer can generate 900-plus digital interactions over the course of their buying journey!) By utilizing advanced marketing tools, your dealership can connect online touchpoints to data- driven consumer insights to stay ahead of online buyers. This not only allows dealers to be proactive in their outreach, it empowers your BDC to begin tailoring each customer's buying experience from that very first interaction. Before the advent of the Internet, buying a car was a straightforward process. Customers would drive around to different lots, dancing between salespeople for details on pricing, incentives, makes and models. Dealers had a huge advantage when it came to the information they could offer their customers, and their ability to make a sale often depended on delivering that information better than the competitor. Over the last two decades, the customer buying journey has become increasingly more complex. Customers have flocked to the Internet to do research, identify the vehicle they want, find pricing and conduct other digital activities during their vehicle buying journey. Today, a dealership's ability to make a sale often hinges on their ability to adapt to changing consumer buying habits by adopting an omnichannel sales strategy that meets customers where they are – regardless if that's online or in-person. Ready to adopt an omnichannel sales strategies inside your dealership? Get started with these three best practices. McKinsey Automotive Retail Consumer Survey, 2020 OF CONSUMERS USE ONLINE SOURCES DURING THE CONSIDERATION PHASE OF THEIR AUTOMOTIVE BUYING JOURNEY. >80% USE ONLINE

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