Operational Efficiency Checklist

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Digital Retailing Checklist: How to Audit Your Dealership's Operational Efficiency 1. Start with Your People With digital retailing, you'll get out of it what you put in. Does your dealership have the right people in the right roles to support your process? Your digital retailing process should seamlessly transition from online to in store. As noted, your dealership will need to determine the specific questions and details critical to the success of your process, but some key areas to review include: Communication Who's leading your digital retailing efforts? Have you clearly outlined the goals and details of your process with dealership leaders? How often are you communicating process updates to your team? How are you promoting collaboration between your teams? Goals and Objectives Does every member of your team understand their individual role and responsibilities? Are your goals SMART: Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic and Timely? Who oversees updating your team on changes to your goals or objectives? How are employees incentivized or inspired to take these actions? Performance and Productivity How do you know if your team is composed of the right people doing the right things? How are you tracking and measuring your employees' individual skillsets and strengths? How are you measuring team performance against the goals and expectations you've set? Beyond sales numbers, are you measuring other key performance indicators, such as engagement with teammates, engagement in training or effective use of resources and tools? 2. Perfect Your Processes Each department should be able to seamlessly transition their approach from online to in-person in an effort to provide customers a consistently great experience at every step. In order to develop Reviewing your structure to maximize efficiency should be a regular and important aspect of your digital retailing process. Audits are the perfect way to evaluate successes and identify new opportunities across your dealership, empowering dealers to go beyond a floor plan review to determine which elements and processes are working – and which aspects can be improved. We've simplified the process into a checklist broken down to 3 simple steps.

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