4 Ways for Dealers to Embrace an Electric Future

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4. Focus on Education via Effective Communication Look for opportunities to deliver brand messaging that speaks to your audience's main objections when it comes to EVs. This could include topics like driving range, affordability, service and maintenance costs. Ensure your marketing team is focused on overcoming these objections in their interactions and messaging and that they're sharing their strategy with your sales and service teams to support a cohesive customer experience. Interested in exploring how Market EyeQ can help your dealership embrace future EV sales opportunities? Contact us for a free demo. 800.801.0018 | info@automotiveMastermind.com ©2021 automotiveMastermind ® . All rights reserved. | A business unit of IHS Markit™ LEARN MORE ABOUT MARKET EYEQ automotiveMastermind.com 2. Prepare your Infrastructure for an Electric Future Think ahead to how your online and in-person sales experience will need to evolve alongside changing buying behaviors and consumer needs. This includes updates to your showroom, such as displaying your EV portfolio or available charging solutions, ensuring online vehicle descriptions speak to relevant selling points or offering online vehicle configuration options. Investing in new technologies that provide value to EV buyers early in their buying journey helps build trust from the start, setting the stage for an excellent customer experience – and customer loyalty. By 2030, 25% of all light passenger vehicles produced are forecasted to be plug-in capable. IHS Markit, March 2021 Industry studies find negative consumer opinions on EVs typically stem from lack of information, with common consumer complaints ranging from recharging limitations to range anxiety. 3. Build a Team Ready for an EV Future As you invest in re-tooling your dealership infrastructure, it's critical to assess whether your current employees possess the necessary skills to fully adapt to an increasingly electric retail world alongside your dealership. Skills like tech savviness and open-mindedness are key to a successful team prepared for the exciting new challenge of selling and servicing electric vehicles. Consider taking a competency-based approach to strategic dealership staffing, seeking out recruits who possess the specific skills your dealership will need, even if they lack formal dealership experience.

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