Pre-Owned Acquisition Checklist for Every Dealership Department

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800.801.0018 | info@automotiveMastermind.com ©2021 automotiveMastermind ® . All rights reserved. | A business unit of IHS Markit™ The BDC Amid rapid digitalization of the buyer journey, the BDC offers a natural solution for dealers to get ahead of customers and pre-owned acquisition opportunities. When equipped with the right tools and technology, your BDC can streamline pre-owned acquisitions by identifying, prioritizing and engaging leads with profitable trade-ins. Ensure your BDC can: � Analyze data from your dealership's DMS, CRM, sales platform and other datasets to identify customers driving in-demand makes or models that represent acquisition opportunities. � Identify customers: � Who are over their lease mileage or warranty. � Who declined repairs. � Who have equity. � Leverage insights from your website and other digital platforms to identify pre-purchasing behaviors, such as using your dealership's online trade-in evaluator. � Engage prospects with personalized messaging and tailored offers that encourage buybacks or trades, such as a complimentary equity analysis. Service Team With detailed customer and vehicle insights, the service drive provides the perfect opportunity for dealers to acquire in-demand, high-quality trades – as well as the ability to double down by selling a customer a replacement vehicle. In addition to ensuring your service team is in-the-know regarding in-demand makes and models to identify potentially profitable buy-backs and trades, your service team should: � Leverage service data and customer insights to identify acquisition opportunities both ahead of appointments and in the service drive. � Review upcoming service appointments to identify any customers driving in-demand makes and models. � Identify acquisition opportunities, such as those who are out of warranty, over their lease mileage or could benefit from a new product design. � Engage customers ahead of their appointment with a personalized offer to maximize engagement. � After their service appointment, follow up with prospects to ensure satisfaction and review the offer. � Leverage service notifications to stay in contact with service customers between appointments to promote loyalty and prevent customer defection. Want to learn more about how Market EyeQ can help your dealership acquire more in-demand pre-owned acquisitions? Contact us for a free demo. LEARN MORE automotiveMastermind.com

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