4-Point Dealership Data Quality Checklist

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1. Accurate First and foremost, ensure your customer data is accurate, starting with the information manually collected and entered by your team. Standardize how your team collects data and ensure your managers are checking for accuracy when they're performing routine checks on customers. This includes capitalization, complete contact and interest notes, and any other important data your dealership deems necessary to collect regularly through various platforms. Finally, look for opportunities to automate as much of this data collection as possible to reduce the likelihood of error. 4-Point Dealership Data Quality Checklist As dealers look to digital tools more than ever to connect with audiences across platforms, analyzing the data used to fuel these omnichannel experiences is increasingly important. The data in your dealership's CRM, DMS, sales platform and beyond is collected and leveraged across platforms, informing your sales, marketing and service operations. While generally more data is better than less, the quality of your customer data ultimately determines the success of your dealership's efforts across departments. Poor data quality costs organizations an average of $12.9 million each year. Gartner, 2021 To ensure your customer data is optimizing your efforts – and not holding your team back – dealers need to ensure their insights are: 56% of dealers permanently increased their use of digital tools to combat business challenges brought on by the pandemic. 2021 Capital One Car Buying Outlook

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