Grow Retention Sales While Boosting Dealership Loyalty

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MONTH 1 Mastermind's loyalty solutions empower dealers to build long-term, transparent relationships with existing customers by providing predictive insights into which customers you should be marketing to, what oers motivate them to buy and how soon you should begin marketing to them – even when those opportunities aren't obvious. Mastermind identifies Bill and Denise as preparing to return to market and automatically sends personalized marketing to both of them. Each message is tailored to their predicted buying preferences – and where they are in their customer journey. Each subsequent message they receive will build off the last to retain their business and build customer loyalty over time. • Repeat customer • Lease expiring in 6-9 months • Willing to shop around to find desired model Denise is also loyal, and while she doesn't need a vehicle today, she will want a new vehicle when her lease expires, posing a serious risk of future defection due to ongoing production delays. • Repeat customer • Needs a vehicle now • At serious risk of defection While Bill is a loyal customer, other dealers (on and o-brand) are reaching out to him for his business. Since Bill needs a vehicle today, he is willing to shop with anyone who can get him behind the wheel of a vehicle as soon as possible. Automatically Engage High-Intent Buyers The Behavior Prediction Score® (BPS), generated by our proprietary algorithms, identifies when your loyalty customers are preparing to return to market and proactively markets to them on your behalf. BPS goes a step beyond equity mining by layering in additional predictor and trigger data such as life events, household and sociodemographic data, personal behaviors, buying preferences and hundreds of other factors to give a complete view of who's ready to purchase. This 0-100 ranking system enables you to focus your eorts on high-potential customers likely to buy today, nurturing them down the sales funnel and increasing your retention rate up to 15%. Retain Loyal Customers Boost Retention Sales While Increasing Dealership Loyalty DENISE'S BPS IS 57 BILL'S BPS IS 77

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