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Strategic Staffing Checklist for Dealerships in 2021

Refine your dealership's staffing strategy with our Strategic Staffing Checklist. Discover how to take a strategic approach to staff in 2021.

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Hiring decisions are never easy, and rapid evolution in the automotive retail industry certainly hasn’t made those decisions easier. However, dealership leaders are discovering talent from outside of the automotive industry is both plentiful and well-suited to support dealership operations in today’s new consumer-first era.

Talent from other industries impacted by the pandemic such as tourism, entertainment and hospitality may possess the specific skills your dealership needs right now – even if they lack formal dealership experience.

By analyzing your dealership’s unique needs, hiring managers can take a competency-based approach to staffing your dealership, tapping into a new talent pool – and potentially discovering a new edge on the competition.

Learn how to get started with this whitepaper.