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How to Drive Pre-Owned Sales Profits

With new vehicle production disruptions, household financial shocks to car shoppers and a glut of pre-owned vehicles hitting the market, 2020 will likely see pre-owned vehicles handily outsell new cars. Simply put, used vehicle sales are going to make or break the remainder of the year for many auto dealerships. To be successful, dealers have to do more than just sell used-cars – they need to maximize their used-vehicle sales profitability.

Mastermind Senior Dealer Relations Manager Pete Margaros discusses how dealers can apply the best practices and tools that have revolutionized new car marketing and sales to the unique challenges and opportunities of pre-owned auto sales.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to identify and engage customers driving the precise vehicles you need to stock
  • How to mine the service drive for valuable acquisition and sales opportunities
  • Tips for simplifying the sales process to shorten cycle time and reduce overhead

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