How Dealerships Can Proactively Sell During COVID-19 Disruptions

March 17, 2020

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Carla Nurse, Director of Sales Development at Mastermind, shares a few tips on how sales reps can keep selling proactively during a time when foot traffic is light due to COVID-19 disruptions.

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Video Transcript:

Hello! This is Carla, Director of Sales Development at automotiveMastermind. Industries are feeling the economic impact of the COVID-19 outbreak globally. The automotive industry is no different. While some manufacturers overseas have closed plants already, there are likely to be more closures to come. We’re sharing a few tips for dealerships to stay proactive in a time where foot traffic will likely slow down. Of course, your primary concern should be your customers and employees safety, but these tips will help you jump start the eventual sales cycle when today’s concerns begin to relapse.

Tip number one: utilize the data you have on your customers. Data like Market EyeQ’s Behavior Prediction Drivers will allow you to have in depth and meaningful conversations with buyers that can shorten the buying cycle by talking directly to their preferences and needs. Tip number two: Utilize your inventory. It’s unknown at this time how badly plant production will affect your store’s inventory levels. Maximize this opportunity by contacting those customers whose needs and preferences fit the inventory that you have on hand - this can even be done virtually. We want you to know that we stand with you during these challenging times. Thank you for watching today. We hope that these tips were helpful and there will be more to come, so stay tuned!

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