How to Kick Start Auto Leads During and After COVID-19

April 28, 2020

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Join Matt Niess, Director of Business Development at automotiveMastermind, to learn about how to kick start auto leads during and after COVID-19 disruptions. Matt's discussion will focus on three key themes:

- What worked in the past won't work now. If your dealership is still relying on "spray and pray" marketing, standalone equity mining and lax data management, Matt will give you some tips on how to get away from these antiquated methods.

- Why and how to generate better, more profitable leads. Lead profitability is a function of lead quality. Matt will explain why in the wake of COVID-19, dealers can't afford to waste time or money on ineffective leads.

- How to turn leads into long-term loyalty and future success. Dealers that view "lead" and "opportunity" as synonymous and who excel in customer experience will be the ones who gain and retain loyalty now and once we've emerged from the COVID-19 crisis. Matt will provide tips on how to ramp up your CX.

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