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Mastermind automates a sales pipeline for you right from your service drive by identifying and prioritizing in-market leads, providing insights on each buyer's motivation to buy and personalizing These three components will work in unison to retain Sarah's business, eventually providing your store with both a pre-owned vehicle and a new loyalty portfolio customer. Email Direct Mail Service Team Notification Service Visit Follow-Up Relationship Builder Account Notification Pain Point Solution Focused on key sales drivers Brochure Grabs attention in windowed envelope Vehicle needs service Will need a new car Has not been to your dealership G E N E R A T O R Mastermind's Service-to-Sales Generator reaches consumers who are likely to need service and are in-market for a new car. Through this audience and targeted messaging, increase your revenue stream in the service drive, grow your loyalty portfolio and increase your store's future car sales opportunities . Increase your store's sales opportunities Grow your loyalty portfolio and increase customer retention Drive more service business to your store Sarah enters the service drive Sarah is now in your system since she visited your store for service. Because Sarah is a qualified customer, a soft credit pull will be automatically run to give her a Behavior Prediction ScoreĀ® (BPS) and send her marketing. SARAH'S CURRENT BPS IS 63 SARAH'S CURRENT BPS IS 77 Sarah now enters the Loyalty campaign cycle We're in this for the long haul with Sarah. We know she needs a vehicle soon and will continue to nurture the relationship. A C T I V A T O R Sarah purchases a new car! Meet Sarah JANUARY MAY P R E D I C T I V E M A R K E T I N G FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL LEARN MORE

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