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Auto Dealer Grows Used Car Inventory and Loyalty with Mastermind

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FRED HAAS TOYOTA WORLD Located in Spring, Texas Jim Wilkinson Toyota Sales Director ABOUT Fred Haas Toyota World Creates Customer Goodwill Thanks to Mastermind Jim Wilkinson is no stranger to automotiveMastermind (aM) and its technology. As Jim's professional automotive career grew, every store he led over the course of 7 years was leveraging aM's proprietary automated sales and marketing platform, Mastermind. As Jim took on stores that required his managerial expertise to turn them around, he leveraged Mastermind to help. In a Dealer Download interview with Jim, he shared how automotiveMastermind helps him and his team sell more cars and create a better customer experience. Check out the highlights below! WHY I LOVE MASTERMIND The COVID-19 pandemic has brought strange times upon our industry. First, we had no customers. Then we had no employees. Next, we had no inventory! Our dealership is finally starting to put all the pieces back together and get the staff back on track. Through it all, Mastermind has been helping us proactively reach out to customers who may have negative equity or a higher-than-ideal interest rate for their vehicles. With car values being at an all-time high, Mastermind allows us to pass that value onto our customer base. This not only helps to build our inventory up through trade-in offers but presents goodwill to our customers at the same time. For most buyers, the opportunity to dig out of a bad situation might not come around in their buying cycle again, so they really appreciate the offers Mastermind is helping us to put out for them, and it builds loyalty. With the Toyota Camry being in short supply and high demand, combined with the fact that there are 0% APR offers at 72 months for a NEW Camry, we can convert that customer who was in a bad situation with a 7% APR loan to a 0% APR loan and swallow the negative equity in the process. "Thanks to Mastermind it's a win-win!" Located on a 25-acre site in Spring, Texas, Fred Haas Toyota World is the #1 volume Toyota dealer in the Gulf States Region 17 years running, as well as the #1 Tundra truck dealer in the nation. The biggest difference you will experience at Fred Haas Toyota World is a friendly staff of dedicated, well-trained, and experienced employees who understand customers' needs and deliver worldclass hospitality to customers. Their reputation for integrity, honesty, and superior customer service has been a hallmark of their community for over 49 years. "We've now gained a pre-owned vehicle, which we have all the service history on, and attached an all-time low certified APR to it – making it a very attractive piece of homegrown certified pre-owned inventory! I appreciate that automotiveMastermind has built goodwill not only for my dealership, but also for my customers in these uncertain times." Lea earn n more automo automotiveMa iveMaste termi mind.

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