Acquisition 201: Tips to be Proactive vs Reactive in Automotive Prospecting

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Acquisition 201: Tips to Be Proactive Vs. Reactive in Automotive Prospecting Use Actionable Data to Drive Consumers' Behaviors The first step in a proactive sales environment is identifying sales opportunities. The quicker your technology tools can recognize that a consumer is well-positioned to re-enter the sales market, the better your chances of engaging them proactively are, opposed to reacting to their behaviors. Your best prospects are often people you can, with the help of actionable data sources, identify as being likely to shop for a car soon – even if they don't know it yet. Whether it's a new job, a growing family, an approaching mileage milestone or any other combination of factors, identifiable triggers are likely to turn customers into sales leads. By recognizing the buying triggers that precede the "research phase", dealers can engage prospects who are not even exhibiting buying behaviors yet, but have had a life event occur where household data can cue technology like Market EyeQ by Mastermind to begin to plant the seed in the consumer's mind that now is the right time to buy a new vehicle. From here, proactive dealership marketing can engage prospects according to those insights with actionable and personalized offers. These offers tap into those unique factors driving each prospect's purchasing decision to automate marketing touchpoints that nurture leads tailored to the channel, timing and messaging most likely to get them to purchase. The best techniques for both identifying and engaging automotive sales leads has evolved with the rise of the digital and analytics revolution in our industry. Today, dealers can move past a traditional reactive sales posture, aided largely by obsolete tools and tactics like equity mining, into a more effective and proactive sales model that engages quality leads with low-touch activity and high-volume returns – before buyers enter the sales cycle. In this whitepaper, we share proactive automotive sales tips, including how to: • Get ahead of prospects entering the buying journey with key insights into their behaviors • Stay ahead of today's increasing number of online car shoppers • Integrate proactive sales tactics into your customer retention strategy IN-MARKET CONSUMERS ARE READY TO BUY WITHOUT STRONG LOYALTY TO A SPECIFIC BRAND IHS MARKIT, 2020 9 MILLION

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