Acquisition 201: Tips to be Proactive vs Reactive in Automotive Prospecting

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Stay Ahead of the Game with Online Shoppers Even before the pandemic hit, consumers were starting their car shopping online. For many dealers, this means the transition from a reactive response to shoppers' online inquiries to a proactive sales process is led by their BDC. With the right technology in place to connect online touchpoints to data-driven consumer insights, a dealership BDC can be a source of proactive appointments for the sales team by using data- driven analytics to make meaningful phone calls that now aren't so cold due to the insights available to you on that buyer. As more prospects visit your dealership's website, audit your BDC's ability to identify proactive sales opportunities. Ask yourself: How much does your BDC know about online prospects? Is your BDC able to identify early buying behaviors, such as customers using your online trade-in evaluator? Once an appointment is scheduled, how are these insights shared within the dealership's four walls? For a BDC to effectively identify proactive sales opportunities among online shoppers and to nurture prospective buyers into the sales process as firm appointments, it's critical for the BDC, new car and used car sales teams, and marketing to all work from the same customer insights. Without that unified platform, your dealership simply can't execute on a tightly managed sales process and deliver a consistent customer experience. Don't Forget About Loyalty Proactive sales techniques aren't just valuable for identifying and engaging net new prospects – they're critical for retention. By utilizing behavior prediction technology, dealers can better determine when customers they've sold will be in-market and immediately engage them before they've had any thoughts of defection. Dealers who leverage Market EyeQ's behavior prediction sales platform are easily able to identify which customers are ready to buy and the reasons why, empowering our dealer partners to increase their retention sales up to 15%. For auto dealers, an easy sales process and high CSI are excellent starting points for an ongoing loyalty relationship that can drive ROI and profits for years to come. To learn more about how the Market EyeQ sales and marketing platform can help your dealership proactively identify and convert auto sales leads, contact us for a free demo. ARE LIKELY TO BEGIN THE CAR BUYING PROCESS ONLINE CDK GLOBAL, 2018 800.801.0018 | info@automotiveMastermind.com ©2020 automotiveMastermind®. All rights reserved. | A business unit of IHS Markit™ 80% OF CAR BUYERS REQUEST A DEMO: automotiveMastermind.com

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