How to Maximize the Impact of Your Dealerships Tools & Ditch Third-Party Leads

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How to Maximize the Impact of Your Dealership's Tools & Ditch Third-Party Leads Leverage Comprehensive Data Mining There are plenty of factors that go into a successful digital marketing strategy, from picking the right software partners and internal personnel to making the right decisions about where to show your ads. But ultimately, successful marketing comes down to targeting the right prospects, with the right offer, in the right format and at the right time. To do this, you need to know as much about your customers as possible, which means you need the right data. Traditional equity mining tools only tell part of the story – and you may be leaving opportunities on the table. Dealers need to take a comprehensive approach to data mining. By integrating data from your dealership's CRM, DMS and maturity manager on a single automotive sales platform that incorporates data from public and proprietary sources, you can automatically analyze the wide variety of factors impacting the likelihood that a prospect would purchase. Apply Behavior Prediction Technology While many third-party providers tout their leads are "ready to buy" and "motivated for purchase," oftentimes, these statements pertain to a percentage of those leads. Even if these leads are ready to purchase, they've likely been sent to multiple dealerships, including your competitors. In today's If there is one thing market analysts can be sure of as we set off into the uncertain waters of 2021, it's that controlling more aspects of your business means making nimble, quick and proactive decisions ahead of the general curve. At the dealership level, there are many things out of your control, dictated by decisions at the manufacturer level, economic factors and beyond. But how you collect and utilize your dealership data is entirely up to you and your team. Many dealers are taking control of their future success by using their data – and maximizing the impact of their digital marketing tools – to move away from third-party leads. Get started at your dealership by: • Leveraging comprehensive data mining • Applying behavior prediction technology • Interlocking the entire dealership DEALERS WHO LEVERAGE MARKET EYEQ'S MARKET CONQUEST FUNCTIONALITY GAIN UP TO 15 INCREMENTAL NEW CONQUEST SALES A MONTH

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