Strategic Staffing Checklist for Dealerships in 2021

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Strategic Staffing Checklist for Dealerships in 2021 Hiring decisions are never easy, and rapid evolution in the automotive retail industry certainly hasn't made those decisions easier. However, dealership leaders are discovering talent from outside of the automotive industry is both plentiful and well-suited to support dealership operations in today's new consumer-first era. Talent from other industries impacted by the pandemic such as tourism, entertainment and hospitality may possess the specific skills your dealership needs right now – even if they lack formal dealership experience. By analyzing your dealership's unique needs, hiring managers can take a competency-based approach to staffing your dealership, tapping into a new talent pool – and potentially discovering a new edge on the competition. To start taking a strategic approach to staffing, dealership leaders need to ask: What is Your Dealership's Greatest Need Right Now? While some dealerships trimmed their staff in 2020 to cut costs, as the industry enters recovery, hiring managers are still figuring out how to restructure their operations to continue being nimble while simultaneously setting their sights on long-term success. By starting with determining what your dealership needs right now – and the right size team needed to get the job done – dealerships can improve customer experience, mitigate the risk of bad reviews and lower NPS and CSI scores, while also ensuring each employee has a well-defined role and purpose within the larger team to drive retention. To discover your dealership's true day-to-day staffing needs: ̆ Review internal reporting dashboards to analyze both individual employee and team performance. Look for areas of opportunity to improve efficiency or departments that may be underperforming due to lack of resources. ̆ Interview managers and team members to see where they feel spread the thinnest. ̆ Analyze customer reviews to see what your audience is expecting, where your team is delivering and where you're missing the mark. ̆ Review your dealership's current job descriptions to identify gaps in skillsets or job functions. 12-month turnover at dealerships is over twice as frequent as the average across industries (19%). Cox Automotive, 2019 Dealership Staffing Study

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