4-Step Guide to Building a Winning Dealership Team

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1. Build Trust One of the most critical elements to success at any dealership is getting buy-in from your team. No matter what your ideas are for the future, it's critical to build a staff not just focused on the finish line but also on their role in helping the team get there. To get this sort of buy-in, you need to establish trust. Ultimately, this starts with simply following through on what you say you're going to do. While basic, adopting this sort of "say, do" commitment is crucial to building rapport with your team. 4-Step Guide to Building a Winning Dealership Team Following another year that could best be described as "challenging," dealership leaders around the country are once again tasked to overcome a slew of constantly evolving external factors to stay a step ahead. Amid so much uncertainty, now is the prime time for dealership leaders to ensure they have a winning team behind them, capable of overcoming whatever obstacles lie ahead. Get started with these four steps: 68% of employees say low trust hurts their daily efforts. Trust in the Modern Workplace, The Workforce Institute, 2021 67% of franchise dealers say motivating and retaining qualified employees is a challenge. Cox Automotive, State of Dealership Staffing, June 2021 2. Embrace Challenges Amid inventory shortages, rapid digitalization and diminished loyalty, dealers have had to deal with their fair share of challenges in recent years – with plenty more change on the horizon. To keep your team inspired and motivated, it's critical for leaders and management to embrace change to turn obstacles into opportunities. To foster this sort of dealership culture, look for managers who are tenacious and motivated, capable of not only leading but inspiring and motivating your team. Remember: These may not be sales leads. These are the people always looking for creative solutions to whatever roadblock they face.

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