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Advertising Best Practices for Conquest Digital Audiences Conquest Digital helps you get the most out of your conquest outreach across your digital advertising and Predictive Marketing campaigns. But to efficiently run conquest campaigns that generate results and bring in new customers, dealers need powerful, data-driven targeting – paired with relevant and timely messaging and compelling creative. To create eye-catching, scroll-stopping ads that maximize the impact of your Market Conquest Predictive Marketing across any Meta property (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), keep the following best practices in mind: Content 1. Short and simple: Primary text, headlines and descriptions should be clear and concise. Use the following character limits when crafting ad copy to prevent content from being truncated or hidden beneath a "read more" button. a. Primary Text: 125 characters b. Headline: 27 characters c. Description: 27 characters 2. Highlight your value: Let the customer know what makes your dealership unique. Mentioning details about your current offers or location can help your copy stand out. 3. Compelling wording: Your copy should be persuasive and lead audiences to click the call to action (CTA) button. Use headline text which appears in bold to grab customers' attention. Description text is optional but can be used to further your message. 4. Landing pages: The URLs used in your ads should direct customers to a relevant landing page to take action. Keep it simple for audiences by having a shortened link appear on the ad. Design 1. Less is more with text on images: Avoid taking up more than 20% of the total image with text. But if your ad mentions an offer or unique value, the image text could be a great place to highlight it. 2. OEM compliance: Always use approved, compliant imagery and logos. 3. Mobile-focused: Many users experience Facebook from their phones, so include images that work on a small screen. a. High-resolution images with a 1:1 aspect ratio work best. b. Bright colors stand out in a mobile newsfeed. c. Avoid themes that could blend in with Facebook's color scheme. 4. Carousel ads: Show multiple products or create a compelling narrative by featuring up to 10 different images and videos and URLs across multiple cards within the same ad.

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