Crack the Code Service to Sales Call Scripts

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In the competitive world of automotive sales, "working the drive" has become a critical aspect for dealerships aiming to thrive in the industry. The service drive represents a unique and invaluable opportunity to convert service-to-sales leads – and build customer loyalty. Taking a targeted approach to identifying service-to-sales prospects and leveraging personalized talk tracks to engage customers before their appointment enables dealers to confidently connect with customers, present relevant options and foster stronger relationships that lead to future sales success. Mastering the service drive can be the key to unlocking untapped potential and ensuring the dealership's continued growth and profitability in today's dynamic automotive market. While there's no one-size-fits-all approach to working the drive, get started with these expertly crafted call scripts – designed to inspire personalized talk tracks tailored to each customer. Initial Outreach to Service-to-Sales Customers Call script for initial outreach to service-to-sales clients Hello, may I speak with [Customer Name]? Thank you for choosing [Dealership] for your vehicle service. We noticed you have a [Vehicle] in our portfolio. If it's still yours, we'd like to offer a quick and complimentary Personalized Vehicle Appraisal. Our Client Sales Advocate will determine its market value, as we're interested in high-quality used vehicles for our pre-owned inventory. Can we schedule the appraisal for [Date & Time]? Service-to-Sales Call Scripts

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