Case Studies

Discover how Mastermind's Market EyeQ platform has produced real results for dealerships with our automotive marketing case studies.

  • Auto Dealer Grows Used Car Inventory and Loyalty with Market EyeQ

    Auto Dealer Grows Used Car Inventory and Loyalty with Market EyeQ

    Learn how Mastermind empowered Fred Haas Toyota World to sell more cars and create a better car buying experience to maximize dealership profitability.

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  • Cadillac Dealership Sees 12 Months of YoY Record Sales with Market EyeQ

    Cadillac Dealership Sees 12 Months of YoY Record Sales with Market EyeQ

    Suburban Cadillac of Troy achieved 12 months of year over year record car sales which they primarily attribute to Mastermind’s dealership sales and marketing solution, Market EyeQ.

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  • Russ Darrow Mazda of Madison

    Russ Darrow Mazda of Madison

    Within the first 8 months of Russ Darrow Mazda of Madison’s partnership with automotiveMastermind, they have achieved a remarkable 32.2-point lift in loyalty which they attribute to Mastermind.

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  • Mastermind Provides Unprecedented Virtual BDC Support Amid COVID-19

    Mastermind Provides Unprecedented Virtual BDC Support Amid COVID-19

    Learn more about what Mastermind was doing while dealership management were pre-occupied with focusing on bigger picture strategies to combat the COVID-19 disruptions.

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  • Riverhead Toyota

    Riverhead Toyota

    Discover how Riverhead Toyota leveraged its dealership service drive to sell more cars and improve its car selling process.

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  • Williams Toyota of Sayre

    Williams Toyota of Sayre

    Explore how automotiveMastermind streamlined Williams Toyota of Sayre’s car sales process to create a 62% increase in car sales.

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  • Route 44 Toyota

    Route 44 Toyota

    Explore how automotiveMastermind helped Route 44 leverage data to increase sales and marketing campaign effectiveness.

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  • Jim Norton Toyota

    Jim Norton Toyota

    Explore how Jim Norton Toyota of Tulsa has leveraged automotiveMastermind's data mining technology into its car sales process and improved dealership ROI.

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  • Toyota of Langhorne

    Toyota of Langhorne

    Discover how Langhorne Toyota improved its service-to-sales process to reach new dealership customers and identify potential auto sales leads.

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  • Dunning Toyota

    Dunning Toyota

    Discover how Dunning Toyota leveraged the Market EyeQ sales platform to increase dealership loyalty and more effectively communicate with potential car buyers.

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  • Lexus of Towson

    Lexus of Towson

    Explore how automotiveMastermind helped Lexus of Towson increase their car sales close rate and increase phone and email queries for personal vehicle offers.

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  • Crest INFINITI

    Crest INFINITI

    Discover how Crest INFINITI leveraged Market EyeQ's predictive marketing campaigns to increase car sales profits.

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  • Williams Honda

    Williams Honda

    Explore how automotiveMastermind helped Williams Honda have its best car sales month in years and increase its bottom line.

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  • BMW of San Francisco

    BMW of San Francisco

    Discover how BMW of San Francisco leveraged Market EyeQ's predictive analytics marketing capabilities to improve dealership performance.

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  • BMW of Manhattan

    BMW of Manhattan

    Explore how BMW of Manhattan employed Market EyeQ's predictive behavior technology to create large profits.

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  • Zimbrick BMW

    Zimbrick BMW

    Discover how Zimbrick BMW used Market EyeQ's Service Conquest solution to increase dealership conquest sales to 33 vehicles over a 4 month period.

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  • Audi Seattle Case Study

    Audi Seattle Case Study

    Discover how Audi Seattle employed Market EyeQ's behavior prediction and automotive equity mining tools to produce measurable results.

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  • Audi Tulsa Case Study

    Audi Tulsa Case Study

    Explore how automotiveMastermind revamped Audi of Tulsa’s car sales process and improved its dealership ROI.

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