11-Point Marketing Checklist for Dealerships of Any Size

February 25, 2022

Dealing with fewer vehicles on the lot – and consequently fewer available OEM incentives – it’s easy to understand why some dealers are considering pumping the brakes on their dealership marketing efforts. 

But as these shortages fuel fierce competition among dealers, it's more important than ever that rooftops of all sizes continue engaging their customers to proactively promote customer retention and nurture future vehicle sales. Plus, as some short-sighted dealers are pulling back their marketing efforts, proactive dealers have the opportunity to capitalize on this misstep and conquest new customers. 

Regardless of how many units your sales staff is moving monthly or the size of your team, efficiently and effectively marketing your dealership in 2022 means rethinking old marketing strategies in favor of modern, data-driven practices. 

For dealerships of any size, developing a data-driven approach to dealership marketing starts with checking off important boxes from planning their process to putting it into practice.

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