How Mastermind is Putting Ford Dealers Back in the Driver's Seat

October 28, 2021

At automotiveMastermind, we’re putting Ford Dealers back in the driver's seat. How? Our Mastermind platform tackles the everyday problems Ford dealers face, like managing a large audience, prioritizing the right customers, and using the best messaging.

Mastermind offers key integrations that support and expand on Ford dealers’ existing systems, including:

- Effortless monthly co-op processing and seamless billing

- Integration with FordDirect CRM

- Over 103k variations of personalized campaigns that target each consumer's pain points

- And an incredibly accurate Behavior Prediction Score® that ranks leads on a scale of 0-100, so you know who’s ready to buy

Mastermind is easy to integrate and intuitive to use, proving a quick adoption rate with your team and we offer dedicated highly qualified in-person support on a 30 to 45 day cycle at no additional cost.

Time for your marketing to shift gears, with help from automotiveMastermind. Contact us today for your free demo.

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Putting Ford Dealers Back in the Driver's Seat
Putting Ford Dealers Back in the Driver's Seat

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