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  • Effectively Work The Service Drive To Fuel Sales with Mastermind1:31

    Effectively Work The Service Drive To Fuel Sales with Mastermind

    Powered by TransUnion, Mastermind automates a sales pipeline for you right from your service drive by: identifying in-market leads, providing buyer insights and personalizing a sales offer.

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  • Nissan of Turnersville Success Story1:49

    Nissan of Turnersville Success Story

    Meet John Fanelli, GM at Nissan of Turnersville in NJ. Mastermind's accurate data and Behavior Prediction Score have allowed John and his team to significantly improve their service-to-sales process.

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  • Lexus of Warwick Success Story2:18

    Lexus of Warwick Success Story

    Meet the team at Lexus of Warwick in Rhode Island. Mastermind helps their dealership retain current customers and reach out to gain new customers through the service drive.

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  • Gullo Toyota Success Story3:59

    Gullo Toyota Success Story

    Meet the team at Gullo Toyota. Mastermind's technology has helped their dealership sell more cars and acquire more inventory for their lot by leveraging Mastermind's vehicle acquisition campaigns.

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  • BMW of Warwick Success Story2:38

    BMW of Warwick Success Story

    Meet the team at BMW of Warwick in Rhode Island. Their dealership has seen an increase in sales due to Mastermind's effective and personalized predictive marketing campaigns. "99% of the time that t

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  • Honda North Success Story3:10

    Honda North Success Story

    Meet the team at Honda North in Massachusetts. Mastermind helps them increase gross profit and provide a phenomenal customer experience because they have all the information they need in one place.

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  • Mastermind Testimonial: Predictive Marketing Campaigns for Dealers1:35

    Mastermind Testimonial: Predictive Marketing Campaigns for Dealers

    Hear directly form our dealers partners as they share their experiences using Mastermind's predictive marketing campaigns. Dealers who market with Mastermind see a 15X ROI.

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  • Team Toyota of Langhorne Success Story3:46

    Team Toyota of Langhorne Success Story

    Mastermind is not only helping Team Toyota of Langhorne to sell more cars but also acquire more low-mileage, high quality vehicles for their lot.

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  • Naples INFINITI Success Story4:12

    Naples INFINITI Success Story

    From providing an exceptional customer experience to enhancing its service-to-sales process, Mastermind's buyer insights and marketing campaigns keep the dealership one step ahead of the competition.

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  • Phillipsburg Easton Honda Success Story2:20

    Phillipsburg Easton Honda Success Story

    Hear from Anthony Sherman, General Sales Manager of Phillipsburg Easton Honda in NJ. Thanks to Mastermind, Anthony and his sales team have been able to build a profitable service-to-sales process.

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  • All American Ford Success Story3:00

    All American Ford Success Story

    Thanks to Mastermind's accurate data and service conquest functionality, the team at All American Ford can quickly identify which customers in their database are most likely to purchase a vehicle.

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  • Hyundai & Genesis of South Brunswick Success Story1:51

    Hyundai & Genesis of South Brunswick Success Story

    Hear from Janet Feliciano, Dealer Principal of Hyundai and Genesis of South Brunswick in NJ.

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  • Sheehy Lexus of Annapolis Success Story1:39

    Sheehy Lexus of Annapolis Success Story

    Hear from Paul LaRochelle, General Manager of Sheehy Lexus of Annapolis, and his team share their experiences using Mastermind.

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  • Audi Princeton Success Story3:31

    Audi Princeton Success Story

    Meet the team at Audi Princeton in New Jersey. Their dealership has seen a lift in sales due to Market EyeQ's ability to target loyalty, service and conquest opportunities all from one tool.

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  • Audi Nyack Success Story3:09

    Audi Nyack Success Story

    Hear Jimmy Macagna, General Manager of Audi Nyack, and Don Thompson, the store's Sales Manager, talk about how Market EyeQ has helped their dealership gain new customers every month. Thanks to Market

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  • Mercedes-Benz of North Haven Success Story2:52

    Mercedes-Benz of North Haven Success Story

    Meet Matt Dellavecchia. Matt is the General Sales Manager at Mercedes-Benz of North Haven, CT. He is one of many managers seeing growth attributed to Mastermind. He sat down with us for a couple minut

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  • New Country Motor Cars Success Story1:38

    New Country Motor Cars Success Story

    Hear Steve Dunham, General Manager of New Country Motor Cars in Connecticut, share how Mastermind has helped his dealership convert more service repair orders into new car sales and maximize ROI. Do

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  • Mercedes-Benz of Rochester Success Story1:54

    Mercedes-Benz of Rochester Success Story

    Meet Mike Legg of Mercedes-Benz of Rochester. Market EyeQ has allowed his dealership to be the fastest growing sales staff in their market year-over-year as well as accurately track customer informati

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  • Crestview Cadillac Success Story3:23

    Crestview Cadillac Success Story

    Meet the team at Crestview Cadillac. Over the past few months, the team has implemented Market EyeQ, streamlining their internal sales processes and allowing them to better serve their customers. By u

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  • Madison Honda Success Story3:11

    Madison Honda Success Story

    Hear the team at Madison Honda in New Jersey, talk about their experiences using Market EyeQ and how it has helped their dealership identify who in their market is ready to buy a vehicle, boost retent

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