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A Dealership's Guide to Proactively Preventing Customer Lease Buybacks

Mastermind's guide to preventing lease buybacks and securing customer loyalty can help maximize dealership revenue. Learn how technology can support your efforts in this guide.

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Faced with rising lease prices and sky-high equity in vehicles, lease customers returning to market are increasingly buying out their leases. Leveraging that equity, customers are trading in at competing brands or rooftops to get the new vehicle they want, posing significant immediate and future challenges to customer loyalty rates. 

While there are a variety of reasons why a customer chooses to lease, the most obvious is they like having a new vehicle and the flexibility leasing provides. However, as soon as a customer buys out their lease, their loyalty is immediately at risk, threatening sales and service revenue, pre-owned inventory and more. 

Learn how to proactively prevent customer lease buybacks in this free eBook.