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Digital Retailing Checklist: How to Audit Your Dealership’s Operational Efficiency

Discover our digital retailing checklist that will help you audit your dealership’s operational efficiency in 3 simple steps.

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Dealers learned a lot of lessons in 2020, including one very important one: Digital retailing is here to stay. However, simply having a dealership digital retailing strategy isn’t enough in today’s new consumer-first era – especially if that strategy and the tools that support it are inefficient.
While the term “audit” may seem scary, reviewing your structure to maximize efficiency should be a regular and important aspect of your digital retailing process. Audits are the perfect way to evaluate successes and identify new opportunities across your dealership, empowering dealers to go beyond a floor plan review to determine which elements and processes are working – and which aspects can be improved.
While this will look a bit different when deployed at different dealerships, we’ve simplified the process to 3 steps in this whitepaper.